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How to Setup Subversion Externals

So I’ve read the svn book, especially this pages:

trying to figure out how to use the svn:externals property.A All I was looking for was something that says:

$ svn propset svn:externals "PATH1 URL" PATH2

where PATH1 is what you want the external to be called, URL is the url of the external, and PATH2 is where you want it placed (I’m guessing).A For example:

$ svn co
$ cd myproject
$ svn co
$ svn co
$ svn propset svn:externals 'mysubproject' .
$ svn propset svn:externals 'myotherproject' .

Now when I check out myproject, mysubproject, and myotherproject will be checked out, and placed their respective directories.

Now that I figured it out, I can see it’s pretty simple.A I just don’t understand why nobody could spell it out for me…

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  1. schoetbi says


    as I see you are using subversion quite “in depth”. Do you have a solution maybe for my problem I have many externals and I now want to move the repository to another server. Is there a way to automatically modify the externals?


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