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Could InternetExplorer Suck Any More?

So I’m chatting with support person from Dell, and for some reason I had chosen IE.A As we are nearing the end of our chat, the support person pushes some links to me.A Now, IE6 has a popup blocker, which is probably a good thing, but the implementation of that popup blocker actually makes things worse.A I can’t get my head around this.A As IE blocks the popups, it has to popup a window telling me it blocked a popup.A This is for the InternetExplorer team: Why on earth would you popup a window telling me you blocked a popup?!?A That’s just the most asinine thing imaginable!A Okay, fine.A It may have happened once, or maybe it had a checkbox so I have the option of not being notified when a popup is being blocked.

End of story, right?A Wrong. At this point I’m thinking okay, if I click on these links , they are probably going to open in the current window, thus losing my chat session.A So right click on them, so I can open them in a new window, but I don’t get the right click menu (the chat software could have been suppressing that).A So what to do? Well I’d better enable popups so I don’t run into this problem anymore.A But in the infinite stupidity of the developers of IE, when you allow popups, IE refreshes the page — thus I lose my chat session anyway.

I honestly wish I could Share My Pain/Punish My Microsoft Developer

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