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Switched: OS X -> Ubuntu

There has been a lot of press lately about nerds switching from OS X to Ubuntu. And I’d just like to say that I’m one of them, only for different reasons. I made the switch last year, to an Inspiron 6000. This was before it was known that OS X (x86) was going to be DRM’ed up the wazoo; I stopped buying music from the iTunes Music Store a year earlier because I was tired of the DRM (yeah I know you can burn the stuff to CD and re-rip it, but the loss of quality is too much for me, and I’m my ear is not that discerning).

Instead, I switched for several other reasons:

#1. The performance of OS X is absolutely horrid. My not-really-that-powerful 1.73 GHz Pentium M *wipes the floor* with my Dual 1.8 GHz G5 — it’s no contest, and actually pretty sad.
#2. I’m more productive on Linux. Admittedly, this is subjective, but important to me.
#3. I’m an Open Source software fanatic, and OSS is easier to manage/use on Linux. Even Apple recommends you reinstall Ruby and not use the one bundled with OS X. Why do they have to jack with everything?
#4. PC’s have higher screen resolution. My Inspiron’s resolution is 1920×1200; to get that resolution you have to go with a 23″ Cinema Display.
#5. Java — the whole thing just works better for me on Linux. Since Apple releases the JVM/JDK, it’s just a pain, and just doesn’t quite work *exactly* like it does on everything else.
#6. I’m not forced to go to my mouse. On OS X (in Firefox) you can’t ‘tab’ to drop downs and radio buttons. There are other goofy nuances to the way
Everything is not perfect with Dell/Ubuntu. I miss:

– the aluminum case of the PowerBook, in terms of size, weight, and looks
– how OS X will automatically connect to a wireless network
– how much easier it is to watch videos, specifically WMV’s
– the prettiness of OS X
– how keyboard shortcuts are ‘proper’ meaning the control key is used for, here’s a novel idea, control characters

That said, being able to look at pretty icons as I watch the spinning beach ball while being treated like a criminal is not what I’m looking for in a computing experience.

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