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Alternating Row Color in JSP/JSTL

Here’s the simplest way I’ve found for alternating the background color of rows in JSP/JSTL:

<style type="text/css">
.row0 { background-color:#fff; }
.row1 { background-color:#ececec; }

<c:forEach items="${myItems}" var="myItem" varStatus="lineInfo">
<tr class="row<c:out value="${lineInfo.index % 2}"/>">

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  1. Jeff Perreault says

    Thanks for the post, just one thing.

    In order to get a number from lineInfo, I think you meant this:

  2. Jeff Perreault says

    <c:out value="${lineInfo.index % 2}"/>

  3. jtanium says

    You’re right, good catch! Thanks!

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