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(Banshee) Cannot Import: <such-and-such>.mp3 (System.OverflowException)

So contrary to what’s out on the web, I can’t seem to be able to edit ID3 tags in Rhythmbox. This prompted me to give Banshee another whirl; I tried it a while back, and went back to Rhythmbox simply for speed. When I tried to import my library it was able import everything save one MP3. No matter which way I tried to get Banshee to recognize this MP3, it would just print this to the console (nothing showed up in the event viewer):
(Banshee) Cannot Import: such-and-such.mp3 (System.OverflowException)

A Google search turned up pretty much zip. There’s only one message (on three different sites…): [Banshee-List] Segment fault importing only mp3 files, and debug not cooperating

Well I guess I’m not playing that MP3… During this debugging process, I noticed Banshee would go out and query on start up. WTF? Off to where I find out that MusicBrainz is a music metadatabase. On the front page this caught my eye:”Download Picard (0.7.0) [Windows/Linux] (now with fingerprinting!)” Qu’est-ce que c’est?!? Now fingerprinting is a handy deal. I’ve got a *ton* of MP3s that don’t have, or worse, have incorrect, ID3 tags.

An apt-get update && apt-get install picard later, ‘picard’ was fixing my ID3 tags. After playing with that for a minute, I went back to Banshee, and wouldn’t you know, I had one more song in my library…

Moral of the Story: If Banshee can’t import an MP3 because of a System.OverflowException, check your ID3 tags!

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