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New Server

So my old server is dying a slow and painful death, crashing every day or two. This prompted me to look into the status of Virtual Private Server hosting. See I’ve dealt with shared hosting, and it *blows*. I need to feel like I’m in control of my server.

Last week there was a discussion about hosting on the URUG mailing list, and a post from Dave Stevenson caught my eye. He said he provided affordable, no frills VPS hosting. So I checked out his site and was impressed. A few emails later I was convinced that it was the right move for me. I don’t know if Dave wants me sharing this, but he hooked me up with an install of Ubuntu 6.06, so I’m happy as a pig in crap.

I also took the opportunity to pickup a spiffy new domain! It’s almost like I have a real live website!

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  1. Dave says

    Hey Jason – glad you’re up and running!

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