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mod_mem_cache.c:591: undefined reference to `ap_cache_cacheable_hdrs_out’

If you are getting this error, it’s because you’ve included the ‘--enable-mem-cache‘ flag, but not the ‘--enable-cache‘ one. You need both.

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  1. Martin says

    Thanks, your simple response, save me millons of google hours. Sorry for my poor english, thanks again!

  2. Gerrard says

    As the buddy above, thanks a lot!

  3. prathap says

    same here thanks a ton!

  4. Brock Tice says

    Thanks! Was helpful to me today as well.

  5. j says

    chheerio !

  6. manoj says

    same here “Thanks a lot !!!”

  7. Me says

    Just to say a big THANK YOU!

  8. alex.shyun says

    thank u very much !

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