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OS X and Off Screen Windows: WTF?

This message is for Apple

You’re supposed to have the best user interface in the world. But I found a fatal flaw. There’s no way to get windows back on the main screen.* For me it was Parallels Desktop Snapshot Manager; I used it one time when I had a second monitor hooked up.

Why is this not directed at Parallels themselves? I understand that in a perfect world all software would “do the right thing,” in this case, figure out if it’s drawing windows off screen, and remedy the situation. I’m guessing this is what Apple’s software does, since their software doesn’t seem to suffer from this problem. But we don’t live in a perfect world, so Apple you should give me a way to deal with this. GNOME allows me to manipulate windows with keyboard shortcuts? I’ll bet Win-blows will let me do it. Why can’t Aqua?


* – Actually there is a way: go in and delete the plist file(s) for the application in question, but that is entirely too complicated for most users, and just plain sucks.

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