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Current Currency Conversion Rates from Yahoo!

Have you ever needed current currency conversion rates? Well, Yahoo! has made it super easy, they the conversions like stock quotes. You just use the ISO currency codes as stock ticker. Check it, to get the conversion rate for US Dollar (USD) to Pound Sterling (GBP), use the “ticker” USDGBP=X.

Combine that with being able to get quotes in CSV, and now you can programatically access current currency conversion rates. For example, you could use the yahoofinance.rb:

ruby yahoofinance.rb USDGBP=X
Retrieving quotes for: USDGBP=X
volume = 0
ask = 0.6312
lastTradeWithTime = 3:56pm - 0.6311
bid = 0.631
dayRange = N/A - N/A
changePercent = 0.0
date = 11/3/2008
tickerTrend = N/A
changePoints = 0.0
change = N/A - N/A
name = USD to GBP
open = 0.0
previousClose = 0.0
lastTrade = 0.6311
averageDailyVolume = 0
dayLow = 0.0
time = 3:56pm
dayHigh = 0.0
symbol = USDGBP=X

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