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Hyperic 4.1.x on OpenJDK 1.6 on CentOS 5

First, skip the RPM it doesn’t work. Just snag the platform independent tar.

Now, before you run the installer, you need to install a couple packages:

yum install java-1.6.0-openjdk libXp dejavu-lgc-fonts

and setup a ‘hyperic’ user for the server to run as:

adduser -d /opt/hyperic

Note: selinux gets kinda pissed off about that…
Since I’m lazy, I just give everyone on the box the same JVM:

echo "export JAVA_HOME=/etc/alternatives/jre" >> /etc/bashrc

Now you can install:

su - hyperic
tar -xzf /path/to/hyperic-hq-installer-4.1.x.tgz
cd hyperic-hq-installer

Remember to change the values as appropriate!

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  1. Mirko says


    thank you for your posting how to setup Hyperic HQ Agent on CentOS.
    What are the issues with the RPM file ? The dependency problem should have been fixed in 4.2.
    The RPM package has at least on advantage: the Agent is automatically being started during system boot 😉

  2. jtanium says

    During the install, the RPM would unpack the installer, and kick off the I would see the prompt for the directory of where to install HQ, pause for a moment, then the RPM would continue on its way; apparently removing all the installer files so I couldn’t even do it manually. The install directory would be left empty. I suppose I should file a bug, or even better: jack around with it and figure out what the issue is… :-/

    And, yeah, having registered as a service is nice…

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