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Goodbye Parallels Desktop

A few months ago, I upgraded to Parallels 4 because the performance of Parallels 3 was so poor. I will admit Parallels 4 is much, much better than 3, but there’s more than just performance when it comes to virtualization.

Well I setup a VM of Ubuntu 9.04 and guess what: the Parallels Tools don’t work. People have been asking for them since April, and now it turns out, Parallels 5 is in beta, where, naturally, the Tools will install. How much do you want to be that you’ll have to plunk down another $50 for that?

Guess what Parallels: forget you. I’m done. I wanted to support the underdog, and even if the performance of the VM is good, this business of not updating your products isn’t worth it.

Anyone out there trying to decide whether to go with Parallels or VMWare Fusion: go with Fusion!

Boo Parallels.

Update: A few days after I wrote this (Aug. 29, 2009) Parallels released an update (4.0.3846) where Parallels Tools can be installed on Jaunty. Sorry guys, rolling that out more than four months after Jaunty was released is too little too late.

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