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Expected response to be a <:redirect>, but was <0>

If you’re seeing this in your test:

Expected response to be a <:redirect> , but was <0>

You are probably doing something like this in your controller:

redirect_to :action => 'messages', :status => 'read'

Watch out when using :status in your params. :status is used to set the http status code in the redirect_to method, like so:

redirect_to :action=>'atom', :status=>302

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  1. Doug says

    My error was much simpler than this. My editor does auto completion. I typed “p”, hit ESCAPE (for the autocompletion), and got “puts” instead of “put”. So where I wanted:

    put :update, :id => some_id, :some_object => { }

    I had in my code:

    puts :update, :id => some_id, :some_object => { }

    “puts” of course returns no redirect.

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